Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have to cancel?

Before you do, think about the times you wanted to see a stylist at a specific time but they were fully booked. How much did that suck? Also, think about the last time you were expecting a paycheque but there was an error. Ouch, right?

Please give at least 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment.

If you NO SHOW: you will be required to put a non-refundable deposit through e-transfer in order to reschedule.

If an unexpected urgent matter comes up, a quick text to let me know what to expect is reasonable. If that’s not possible, emergencies etc. you will likely hear from me first and foremost to check if you are okay., We can decide how to handle things together if we are able to communicate with mutual respect. :)

I am your friend; will you give me a discount?

I don't want to discount our friendship so I'm going to ignore this question. 

(When you're ready to value me as much as I value you, send me an email and we”ll book you in)


Why don't you work fulltime in the salon anymore?

I prioritize my energy in a way that supports my creations. This means your hair gets all the attention a work of art deserves.  It also means I give myself the time to work on my other passions, and care for myself.  Its nice to be missed, but trust me, I'll do everything I can to make sure you get an appointment, like making pre-booking available. 


What is that voodoo that you do when you massage my head?

Just enjoy. (Please, try to limit your moaning. Focus on your breath instead. ;) )


Seriously. Can I get a special price?

Seriously, I would never ask you to work for less than your value. This isn't a hobby; it's my livelihood.

I will not be insulted if you go to another stylist, even if they turn your hair to straw. ;)


Ok, so how granola are you? Like, will you think less of me because I'm not into that stuff?

Part of my practice is to be judgement free. 

I do set boundaries if people are disrespectful, but otherwise I say love and let live.

If you appreciate the playful satire as well as the misguided earnestness of this quote, we will understand each other.

If not, we can bond over other topics!


How much talking is there during appointments?

The norm is lots of sharing of experiences and venting about those experiences. People say I'm great with advice; I say I'm simply honest and direct. Whatever you share will stay between us.

If you'd rather be quiet, we can absolutely do that - just [don't] say the word! A mindful artist is a focused artist.


Hey, where is your salon located? and where do I park?

I am located inside the awesomely adorable Amber Lynne Hair Studio and we have a lot of fun sharing her space.  The address is 1522 Main Street East in Hamilton, Ontario.  There is generally a lot of free parking on the side streets surrounding the salon.  Tragina St. south & north as well as Weir St. south.  There are paid spots that go by the hour and you can only pay an hour at a time, so I would only suggest these spots if you are having a short appointment.


I'm here, where are you?

So its a possibility you are my first appointment of the day, so you may arrive before me.  It is an appointment only salon so I'm not there if I don't have clients.  If you've confirmed your appointment via your confirmation email (sent 48 hours before your appointment) I will be there. 

Do you accept debit??

At this time I use SQUARE as a point of sale system.  It is fantastic and saves me money and therefore saves you money as well, as I don't have to include the cost of a monthly rental system into your hair cost. At this time it does NOT accept debit cards, even those lovely visa debits.  I do however accept AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER as well as cash and cheque and even email money transfer through your online banking; Just be sure to set me up as a payee before your appointment (

Where is your price list?

When it comes to colour services the prices vary based on time, technique and product used, its impossible to have a set price for everyone. This is not a one size fits all hair service world. Please send an email to me for a quote. Sometimes I will suggest booking a consultation appointment to discuss the plans and payments to help you reach your hair goals. Sometimes we will able to set the plan via email.