Mutual Respect

Value of Time

  • When it comes to hair appointments, timing is everything.  I ask that you please come on time to your appointments and I will do my best to stay on time in order to respect yours.
  • Please try and give a significant amount of notice for rescheduling.
  • No Show appointments will result in a change in the way your appointments will be booked.  Advanced bookings during priority times will be no longer be available.

Value of Humanity

  • Diversity is celebrated (LGBT friendly, body positive, queer & poly, ethnicities, etc.), prejudice will not be tolerated
  • Accessibility (the bus is directly out front, the is one step up to the entrance, unforunately the bathroom is located downstairs.  there is no on-site parking, but there is plenty of street parking, 50-100feet away)
  • Privacy (venting allowed and kept private, two chairs only)

Value of Harmony

  • Real people
  • we all have bad days, my self included. 
  • respect to the light and dark in all of us...Namaste.