So here's my story, or at least part of it, maybe just enough to satiate your curiousity.



Where do I start?  You've come to this page to hopefully get to know me.  Let's start away from my professional life.  I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, and although I haven't always appreciate my city, I do as an adult.  If you're not from here, I hope you visit and experience this place that settled between Toronto and Niagara Falls, along side the lake and full of art, food, waterfalls and an amazing yoga community.  I'm married to an amazing man, his name is Rollin and he encourages and supports all my adventures and passions!  We have a couple cats and love to travel, especially roadtrips, seeing as many people and things a long the way that we can.  

I didn't always set out to be a hair stylist or a yoga teacher, and I certainly didn't think I would be self-employed.  I didn't have lofty dreams of having art shows and selling my work.   I actually thought I would be an interior designer with my own television show, like for real, I thought that was an actual possibility for my life.

I did however LOVE doing my friend's hair and experimenting with mine.  When you go far enough back, you'd get to see that I used to love to colour and cut my Barbie dolls' hair as well.  I guess I just didn't see what was set out in front of me.  After a year in the interior design program at Humber college and a few years of retail management, I finally decided it was time to get back to school and study hair. 

Now I’m set up in a beautiful space, renting from a beautiful soul and friend. I see clients from the first days of doing hair and meet new friends of family members of these clients and see my yoga students outside of the walls of the studio and in my chair.

So what about the yoga?

well, I was 14 when I first tried yoga.   I had just recently quit dancing and spent most of my time hanging out at the mall with my friends.  I came across an article in a magazine about using yoga to help with insomnia.  SO I used the photos and descriptions to teach myself the poses in the segment. I kept up with buying issues of Yoga Journal and eventually found myself trying out classes at the gym I was a member of. It wasn’t until the last decade that I began to try yoga studios. After a brief break from yoga, thanks to a broken tailbone, life led me in the direction of mindfulness based meditation and stress reduction. This in turn shifted the way I looked at my yoga practice and realized I needed to go deeper into my yoga journey (or be done with it, I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of person.) Life led me to making major changes and choices, like becoming self-employed, which gave me the freedom to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training. With the support of my husband, family, friends and clients, I was able to keep up with my business as well as begin to teach classes and to volunteer once a month as an act of service to my teachers and assist with their yoga teacher training programs. This is when I realized I don’t just have a passion for teaching yoga, I also have a passion for teaching teachers!! In 2018 I broke through a lot of my own anxiety and self-sabotaging barriers and embarked on a journey of solo-travel and study. I spent 6 weeks in total of 2018 in San Francisco California studying with my favourite teacher (thanks to those issues of yoga journal and online subscriptions like yogaglo, my favourite teacher was across north america.) It was a whirl wind and honestly it went so fast, but the experience forever changed who I am and how I teach. It was an inspiration and a reminder that I am worthy to inspire others. 2019 launches my mentorship program as well as a series of advanced intensives for yoga teachers. Don’t worry friends, I still planning on teaching non-teachers as well. every student and teacher I have come across on this journey has brought me so much joy and so many lessons.