Yoga always was really intimidating to me, I would come to the odd class. It wasn’t until last summer when I tried out a fit flow class with Andrea that I found myself to a weekly commitment to a class. I found myself planning any social engagements around my 7pm class.
As I’ve grown in my yoga practice I still find myself looking forward to Andrea sharing her fun, humble, easy going energy with every single person in the room. Not only has she contributed to my love for yoga, but she sparked a interest for me to pursue my own teacher designation. I’m so grateful for Andrea as a friend & teacher.
— Catherine, Hamilton, ON
I always feel the need to shake my booty at one point or another during Andrea’s Fit Flow class, always so much fun!
— Terri, HAmilton

I never thought I would laugh during yoga, but Andrea sure changed that! She is warm, welcoming and full of positive energy - which is reflected throughout all of her classes. Each class she teaches is totally different, but always focused on technique and being mindful and respectful of your body and what is accessible that day. My days are always brighter after a class with Andrea!
— Charlotte, Hamilton, ontario

Andrea always brings a fun spark to class that makes yoga practice extra enjoyable. She encourages you to try new poses (even if you fail miserably! It’s all part of the process!) and helps you to find your strengths and develop on your weaknesses. Whether it’s 2 or 20 people in class, you feel like she can just find the right cues to motivate the room. Andrea is an amazing instructor and I’m so glad to have found her!
— Stephanie F, Hamilton, ON

Andrea’s classes are fun, energetic and well planned. I feel safe yet challenged and love her playlists.
— Shelley G, Hamilton, Ontario

I think what I enjoy most about Andrea’s style as a yoga teacher is that she always works to meet her students where they are at each class. Even when you have been attending her classes for quite a while, she doesn’t have expectations for your practice. If you are having a day where your body isn’t performing as well as it usually does, she meets you in that space. If you are having a day where you are feeling like you can do anything, she meets you in that space. In this way, she is able to make everyone feel like they are being supported and guided in a way that is inclusive of people of all ability levels.
— Cara, Hamilton, Ontario

As someone who was new to yoga it was a little intimidating stepping onto the mat. Andrea helped relieve that anxiety with her positive, cheery attitude and lighthearted practice. Don’t get me wrong - it was still a work out! But there was opportunity to laugh and not take yourself too seriously. Andrea is an excellent teacher that will push you to improve and build your strength in a welcoming environment
— Alyssa R, Hamilton, Ontario

Honestly I was never much for Yoga, I wouldn’t consider myself very “zen” (I’m Italian let me live)
I found Andrea’s class because In Fine Feather has an amazing offering of a pay what you can community class.
5 minutes into Andrea’s class I turned to my friend and said “damn is this a Yoga class or an hour of core?” She laughed, we cried accomplished (but sore) tears the next day, and kept going back for more, because she makes it that FUN!
Each week I’m just THAT much more sturdier than the week before (and I can say with confidence it’s her sense of humour that makes me return over and over.
— Harley J, Hamilton, Ontario

I wanted to say that Andrea changed yoga for me and my view on it.

She made me realize it is so much more than being zen, but can even be fun and personalized in the quiet stillness .
— Harley J, again :), Hamilton, Ontario