public classes

Mondays @ 5:30PM: Slow Core; all levels in the wellness room @ In Fine Feather Yoga; 219 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON

Tuesdays @ 7PM : Fit Flow; intermediate level; community class @ In Fine Feather YOGA 219 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

Fridays @ 5:30PM:  Fun Flow; all levels; @In Fine Feather Yoga; 219 Ottawa Street North. Hamilton, Ontario

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Private Classes & Teacher Mentorships

Private Classes: Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or looking to start a practice, booking private classes are the best way to tailor to your practice. Contact me with questions and to book your sessions.

Mentorships: If you’ve taken a YTT program then a mentorship might be exactly what you need. Schedule a time to work with Finding your voice, class sequencing and curriculum.


Class styles

know a little more before you unroll your mat

Slow Core: : all levels; at least 10 intro to flow classes recommended as a pre-requisite

 This class will ask you to slow down and invite you to connect to the core of your body and the core of your yoga practice.  From the abdominal diaphragm to the pelvic floor, the paraspinal muscles, rotational muscles of core, hip flexors and even those superficial transverse abs.  Learn how the muscle groups of core work with the other muscle groups of your body, moving slowly so we don’t skip into compensation mode.  The core of the practice, breath and yogic philosophy, will be woven through class.  This class is in the Wellness Room and has limited spaces. Please sign up in advance.

Fit Flow: intermediate level:

prerequisite: knowledge of basic poses and sun-salutations, suggested: 10 intro to flow classes minimum

 Fit flow will make you sweat and challenge the way you look at modern vinyasa yoga.  This class will move through vinyasa flows with focus on the muscle groups that help  strengthen your practice in a more obvious way.  Feel the entire core engage, pulse through squats and lunges, and elevate the heart rate through higher intensity sequences.  Don’t let the word FIT scare you, trust that your Fit flow is here to help strengthen your body and your mind and their connection in an unconventional way.  Flow and sweat to fun playlists and leave feeling like you’ve left everything on the mat. 

Fun Flow: all levels

This class will sequence together your basic yoga poses in a fluid and invigorating way. Adventurous yogis are invited to try to the more challenging variations to postures as they are offered. Each student is encouraged to have a fun and playful practice, try new things, dance to the playlist and celebrate a fun and energizing flow practice that is safe for any beginner. * although this probably shouldn’t be your first attempt at yoga.